Electronic Filing

  • At out office we check each return to see if it has been prepared correctly. If there is a mistake we will correct it for an average of $50.00. Our correction can avoid weeks of delays, and possible fines on you refund. 
  • We prepare all kinds of returns to meet all your tax needs. We also give tax tips to help our clients.  Our tax preparers have an average of over twenty years experience.
  • We are open all year to service you, so call for an appointment.
  • We have helped many people during the summer who filed their own return incorrectly and received a letter from IRS because of an error.
  • When we electronically file we get acknowledgement from the IRS within 24 hours, instead of you having to wait weeks to get a response by mail.
  • If your return was not prepared at our office we will check to make sure it is correct and that you have received all the refund you have coming to you.
  • We will get a response from the IRS within 24 hours which proves your return has been filed. If you mail a return you have no proof that you even filed a return.
  • You get a faster refund, and your money can be directly deposited into your checking or savings, usually within about 10 to 14 days.


Please contact us for any of your tax needs.

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